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Engineering Marketing & Communications is a resource for all staff, students and faculty within the College.

We are part of the College administration and report directly to the Dean of the College. Our job is to promote, within the UA community and to the world at large, the people and programs of the College of Engineering.

We have extensive contacts in local and national media, and our primary task is to keep the media informed of the groundbreaking research done by UA Engineering faculty.

Everything we do is defined and driven by our Marketing Plan.

In addition to promoting the College's people and programs around the world, we keep the College website buzzing with interesting new content and eye-catching multimedia, and we produce the print and online versions of the alumni magazine, Arizona Engineer.

And we help you with media interviews, design and graphics, photography and video, marketing advice, promotional campaigns, and how best to express the University of Arizona brand.

Keep Calm and Carry On

College of Engineering Logos

Download logos for use with Microsoft Office documents:

UA College of Engineering

Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering

Chemical and Environmental Engineering

Civil and Architectural Engineering and Mechanics

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Engineering Management

Materials Science and Engineering

Mining and Geological Engineering

Systems and Industrial Engineering

Hints & Tips For Better Media Interviews

Many people are interested in your work and how it benefits our lives and environment. Interviews with university, local and national media can be a very effective, budget-friendly way to get the message out about your work.

This is an increasingly information-overloaded world, and the public places great value on having knowledge based on facts. Who better than a UA Engineering expert to get out there and offer insight?

You typically only get one shot at getting your point across in a media interview. It's possible to get it right first time – if you are prepared and relaxed.

The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) has a couple of useful primers for faculty, staff and students who need to do a media interview. Both these documents are recommended reading.

If you are preparing for a radio or TV interview, read this:

Television and Radio Media Tips

To make that interview go smoothly, read this:

Media Interview Tips

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Contact the UA Engineering MarCom Team

Karina Barrentine

Karina Barrentine
email | 520.621.0191

Chris Callahan

Chris Callahan
Digital Marketing Specialist, Student Recruitment
email | 520.621.6107

Emily Dieckman

Emily Dieckman

David Hostetler

David Hostetler
Creative Director
email | 520.621.9483

Katy Smith

Katy Smith
Content Developer
email | 520.626.3658

Brian Topping

Brian Topping
Marketing Specialist
email | 520.626.3658

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