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The UA Graduate College sets policies and procedures for graduate students, and departments determine specific academic criteria. Below is information pertaining to some of the popular policies and procedures topics.

Degree Requirements

UA graduate students must meet Graduate College requirements as well as requirements set by the degree program’s hosting department.

Degree Programs




Aerospace Engineering  
Biosystems Engineering *  
Biomedical Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Civil and Architectural Engineering and Mechanics
Computer Science & Engineering  
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Engineering: Innovation, Sustainability & Entrepreneurship
Engineering Management
Environmental Engineering
Industrial Engineering
Materials Science & Engineering
Mechanical Engineering  
Mining, Geological, and Geophysical Engineering  
Systems Engineering
*Jointly administered with the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.



A high level of performance is expected of students enrolled for graduate work. Please refer the Graduate College’s academic policies for detailed information.

To remain enrolled in a degree program, a student must be making satisfactory progress toward completion of the degree. Please check with the College of Engineering departments for specific policies on satisfactory academic progress.

College of Engineering graduate students should enroll in classes according to their academic study plans to ensure satisfactory progress toward degree completion – including 909 (Master’s Report), 910 (Thesis) or 920 (Dissertation) as soon as such work is initiated. The number of units should be consistent with thesis or dissertation activity and within the number allowed by the department. When research not related to the thesis or dissertation is being performed, students should enroll in 900 (Research).


The University and the Graduate College have specific enrollment policies for graduate students.

Full-Time Status
All graduate students in the College of Engineering who are supported through the University are considered full-time students and are expected to enroll for some combination of coursework, research, or independent study that results in at least 12 units of credit each semester.


contact For information, please email the College of Engineering’s Office of Graduate Education at GRED@engr.arizona.edu, or call 520.621.0764.
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