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UA Engineering Seniors Show They 
Mean Business at Design Day 2016

UA Engineering Seniors Show They
Mean Business at Design Day 2016

Researchers Rev Up Transportation’s Internet of Things

Researchers Rev Up Transportation’s
Internet of Things

Erica Corral and Armin Sorooshian Named UA Distinguished Scholars

Erica Corral and Armin Sorooshian
Named UA Distinguished Scholars

Students and Donors Celebrate Scholarships’ Impact

Students and Donors Celebrate
Benefit of Scholarships

Coming Events

  • FRI   MAY 6

    Da Vinci Circle Dinner
    Hear from guest speaker Moriba K. Jah on space debris as da Vinci Circle members honor 2016 fellow Larry Head, intelligent transportation expert, and 12 student scholars.

  • MAY 12-13

    Graduation Just Around the Corner!
    Get all the details for College commencement ceremonies.

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At the UA College of Engineering, voices are diverse, teaching is tied to the real world, and students graduate ready to join a global workforce. Come study engineering at one of the top-ranked research universities in the nation, at a cost well below most others. Roll up your sleeves and get down to work with renowned faculty and industry experts tackling some of the world’s most pressing problems. Discover your passion in one of 14 UA Engineering degree programs. And remember, we will be there for you every step of the way.

Infinite Possibilities

Student Perspectives

Leah Kaplan

Leah Kaplan

honors student

“The best part of my experience has been my interactions with the faculty. I am so inspired by the level of passion that my professors bring to the classroom.”

Leah Kaplan, honors student
Peter Mather

Peter Mather


“I was working with senior engineers and professional geologists with 30 years of experience. I landed what I considered the perfect internship. Every hour of my work was put to use to benefit a project.”

Peter Mather, Stantec Consulting Services intern
Victoria Lantzy

Victoria Lantzy


“The UA has delivered on the ‘Big School’ experience with its many sporting events, while also maintaining a close-knit community in the College of Engineering. There are so many people here truly committed to my success.”

Victoria Lantzy, freshman
Justin Ofett

Justin Ofett

ECE graduate

“The class was fascinating because we were not just writing computer code. We went from the initial design all the way through the different processes and analytics of software engineering to the finished product.”

Justin Offett, recent ECE graduate now at Lockheed Martin

Scientists dream of doing great things. Engineers do them.

Fast Facts
The UA College of Engineering has eight departments and offers 14 undergraduate degrees, including joint programs with other colleges. UA Wildcats enjoy 350 days of sunshine surrounded by sky islands rising 9,000 feet in the Arizona Sonoran Desert. Our work-ready graduates are the entrepreneurs developing high-tech companies, advancing engineering research and creating products that improve quality of life.

Research Focus Areas

Research and education go hand in hand at the UA College of Engineering, which has a 15-to-1 student-to-faculty ratio. We support more than 200 graduate research assistants and have hundreds of engineering undergraduates in our laboratories. Joining with researchers across campus, at other universities and throughout the world, faculty and students are working on more than 100 highly complex projects that require a wide array of skills and talent.

sustainability and infrastructures

sustainability and infrastructures

Sustainability and Infrastructures

water reuse, solar power, biofuels and intelligent traffic systems
biomedical systems and devices

biomedical systems and devices

Biomedical Systems and Devices

disease diagnostics, implants and wearable medical devices
Defense and Homeland Security

Defense and
Homeland Security

Defense and Homeland Security

bomb detection, cybersecurity, wireless communication and space surveillance
Advanced Manufacturing and Materials

advanced manufacturing and materials

Advanced Manufacturing and Materials

mining logistics, materials failure prediction and sustainable semiconductor manufacturing

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