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Research Centers and Institutes

Research Centers and Institutes

Arizona Materials Laboratory
The AML hosts a large array of state-of-the-art equipment needed for cutting edge research in the materials science and engineering field. This equipment is also offered for use to the scientific community and industry at large.

Director: Pierre Deymier
Telephone: 520.621.6080

Advanced Traffic and Logistics Algorithms and Systems
The ATLAS lab is a good place to take a peek at what traffic and smart cars will be like in the future. Among other things, cars will drive themselves and electronic traffic cops will use blocks-long vision to direct traffic. This program is designed to address problems in traffic congestion and transportation.

Director: Larry Head
Telephone: 520.621.2264

Arizona Research Institute for Solar Energy
AzRISE is a response to the challenge of planning for large-scale, affordable solar energy power generation and training the work force that will make this transition possible. The research goals of AzRise include identifying, funding, and coordinating Arizona-specific solar energy research opportunities, developing intellectual property and promoting development and widespread adoption of solar energy.

Director: Joseph Simmons
Telephone: 520.621.6070 

Nano Fabrication and Processing Center
Several advanced research projects are currently under way in this laboratory, including research projects under the auspices of the National Science Foundation, Sematech, and private sponsors. The Center for Micro Contamination Control and the Center for Benign Semiconductor Manufacturing also conduct major research in the laboratory.

Director: Omid Mahdavi
Telephone: 520.621.9849

Lowell Institute for Mineral Resources
Recognizing that the sustainable development of mineral resources is fundamental to the prosperity of the United States in the next century, the IMR will foster and expand the USGS-university-private partnerships to undertake mineral resource scientific research and inventories.

Director: Mary Poulton
Telephone: 520.621.8391

NSF/UA Cloud and Autonomic Computing Center
Autonomic computing denotes a broad area of scientific and engineering research on methods, architectures and technologies for the design, implementation, integration and evaluation of special and general purpose computing systems, components and applications that are capable of autonomously achieving desired behaviors. Autonomic computing systems aim to be self-managed in order to enable independent operation, minimize cost and risk, accommodate complexity and uncertainty or enable systems of systems with large numbers of components. Hence, system integration and automation of management are important areas of research whose contexts subsume other autonomic computing research topics.

Director: Salim Hariri
Telephone: 520.621.4278

Codirector: Youssif Al Nashif
Telephone: 520.621.9915

SRC Engineering Research Center for Environmentally Benign Semiconductor Manufacturing
This center develops technologies, processes and procedures that will reduce the environmental impact of semiconductor manufacturing. Work in this NSF/SRC Engineering Research Center focuses on studies in the areas of ultrapure water, water recycling, plasma processes, wet chemicals, chemical-mechanical polishing and risk assessment.

Director: Farhang Shadman
Telephone: 520.621.6051

University Spectroscopy and Imaging Facilities
USIF is dedicated to the acquisition and analysis of images for life and physical science research and commercial applications. It provides access to multiuser equipment, and the knowledge and skills necessary to assist investigators and students in state-of-the-art technologies. All services are open to any investigator in academia, public and private institutions, and industry.

Director: Supapan Seraphin
Telephone: 520.621.6075