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Da Vinci Circle: Paying It Forward

Named for the great Renaissance innovator Leonardo da Vinci, the College established the da Vinci Circle in 2005 to recognize and nurture the 21st-century renaissance in science and engineering powered by discoveries in microtechnology, nanotechnology and biotechnology. 

Today da Vinci Circle members number about 300 individuals and corporations. Together, their financial gifts support faculty and students working on groundbreaking research to build a better, more sustainable future for us all.   

Join the da Vinci Circle today, and help keep the College of Engineering on its path to becoming a top-10 public engineering college and a world leader in technology innovation.


da Vinci Circle

“As a member of the da Vinci Circle, you will partner with us to fulfill our vision of becoming a global leader in technology innovation.”

College of Engineering Dean Jeff Goldberg

Annual Membership Gift Levels

Explorers - $500 to $999 (graduated less than 10 years ago or non-alumni 30 and younger)
Catalysts - $1,000 to $2,499
Innovators - $2,500 to $4,999
Pioneers - $5,000 to $9,999
Visionaries - $10,000 and up

You choose how the funds are used. Let the College direct your unrestricted gifts to the programs most needing them. Or, earmark them for specific departments or programs.

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Annual Membership Gift Levels

College of Engineering da Vinci Fellows
  2017 Janet Roveda 2010 Paul Blowers
  2016 Larry Head
2009 Bane Vasic
  2015 Wolfgang Fink
2008 Supapan Seraphin
  2014 Kim Ogden
2007 Barry Ganapol
  2013 Eniko Enikov
2005 Achintya Haldar
Charles Higgins
Anthony Muscat

  2012 Young-Jun Son
  2011 Jennifer Barton  

Da Vinci Fellows

Talented and resourceful faculty advance academic programs and research in the College of Engineering. Generous da Vinci Circle members select one member of the faculty each year as a da Vinci Fellow, and recognize the awardee with a one-time grant of $10,000.






Janet Roveda: 2017 da Vinci Fellow

Da Vinci Scholars

Thanks to the generosity of da Vinci Circle members, the College of Engineering awards on average 10 da Vinci scholarships each year to exceptional students.


2017 da Vinci Scholars

2017 da Vinci Scholars

Da Vinci Circle Benefits

All da Vinci Circle members:

  • Invitation to the annual da Vinci Circle dinner, where donors meet and catch up with the students and faculty they are helping, each spring
  • Exclusive da Vinci Circle excursions, and invitations to programs in engineering, science, technology and the arts
  • Reserved seating at the Annual Engineers’ Breakfast during Homecoming
  • Subscription to the da Vinci Circle newsletter published twice a year

 Annual donors of $2,500 or more:           

  • Invitations to join the dean for special college, athletic and regional events
  • Campus Concierge Service: Help with on-campus parking and campus tours




A Dynamic Duo

Dynamic Duo

Da Vinci members often come in pairs. One such “dynamic duo” is the alumni team of Dan and Cindy Klingberg. “Dan and Cindy’s support has been unwavering. Not only do they contribute financially; they also serve as board members and on the selection committee for da Vinci scholars.”
Michael Arnold, da Vinci Circle Board chair


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Claudia Arias
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Victoria Karlsson
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Michael J. McKelvey
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LaToya Singletary

LaToya L. Singletary
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