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ENGR 102 in High School

What is Engineering 102 HS? 

Engineering 102 HS is an introductory engineering course taught by high school teachers for high school students. Engineering 102 HS introduces students to engineering design principles and practices as well as to emerging and current challenges within the field. The course also provides students with a perspective on the various engineering disciplines. Engineering 102 HS is an opportunity for high school juniors and seniors, enrolled in pre-calculus or above, to receive college credit while still in high school.

What are the Projects in ENGR 102 HS?

The course consists of two major design projects: Solar Ovens & Catapults

Additional projects are chosen by the students and teacher from a list of projects provided by the UA College of Engineering. In addition to hands-on projects and design, each class is given the opportunity to visit campus during the academic school year. The visit offers a private tour of UA engineering labs and facilities. 

How Do Students Enroll?

Students from participating high schools enroll online as a University of Arizona, non-degree seeking student. Please note that tuition billed for ENGR 102 HS has been reduced by 75% through a College of Engineering scholarship, making this course an excellent way for high school students to meet an Engineering Degree requirement and save money on college tuition. Most high schools grant concurrent high school credit for ENGR 102 HS as well.

Where Will ENGR 102 HS be Taught and by Whom?

ENGR 102 HS is taught on the high school campus by a certified teacher with extensive experience in AP Math and/or Science (preferably a physical or chemical science).  ENGR 102 HS teachers attend a summer training workshop to prepare them to teach the college level course. The workshop provides training and education on the course curriculum and projects.  For an extensive list of our participating high schools and teacher bios please see the table below.


High School Teacher Location
Amphitheater High School Bill Pike Tucson
Benson High School Carmen Knap Benson
Brophy Prep Zach Widbin Phoenix
Buena High School Mark Goldie Sierra Vista
Canyon Del Oro High School   Oro Valley
Catalina Foothills High School Kevin Frugoli Tucson
Chaparral High School Jeff Jordan Scottsdale
Cibola High School Steven Fritz Yuma
Corona Del Sol High School Larry Huff Tempe
CREST/Paradise Valley Bruce Vivers Phoenix 
Desert View High School Ivan Rodriquez Tucson
Desert Vista High School Dan Zavaleta Phoenix
Fairmont Prep Cory Hand Anaheim, CA
Fairmont Prep Deborah Terra Anaheim, CA
Flowing Wells High School William Golden Tucson
Gila Ridge High School Sarah Hogan Yuma
Hamilton High School Jim Clark Chandler
Hamilton High School Brian Roach Chandler
Independence High School Phillip White Glendale
Ironwood High School Mark Adams Glendale
Ironwood Ridge High School Glenn Linton Oro Valley
Kellis High School Tracy Arnold Glendale
Kofa High School Jorge Estevez Yuma
Liberty High School Martin Bencic Peoria
Metro Tech High School Lewis Brownlee Phoenix
Mountain View High School Robert Kennerly Marana
Mountain Point High School Melissa Wendell Phoenix
Notre Dame Prep Carmene Carbone Scottsdale
Palo Verde High School AnnMarie Condes Tucson
Sabino High School Mark Calhoun Tucson
Sahuaro High School  Benjamin Davis Tucson
Salpointe Catholic High School Sarah Streb Tucson
San Luis High School Doug Thompson Yuma
Sonoran Academy Azat Penjiyev Phoenix
Sunrise Mountain High School Darrell Kidd Peoria
University High School Matthew Ulrich Tucson
Walden Grove High School Blake Hamrick Sahuarita 
Wilcox High School Doug Lockhart Wilcox
Yuma Catholic High School Phil Nash Yuma
Yuma High School Nate Jurgens Yuma

What are the Goals for ENGR 102 HS? 

  • Demonstrate how engineers use math and science to help people in a variety of global, economic, environmental, and cultural settings.
  • Increase high school students’ belief in their ability to pursue and succeed in the engineering profession.
  • Offers students an inside look at the U of A College of Engineering through campus visits and lab tours.
  • Provides high school students 3 units of required U of A engineering coursework at significantly reduced tuition.

What are the Responsibilities of the High Schools?

  • Participating high schools provide a classroom and qualified instructor for ENGR 102 HS.
  • In order to maintain a diverse classroom experience, Engineering 102 HS requires enrollments of 15 to 30 students per class — twenty students is a good target number.
  • High schools are asked to screen students who satisfy co-enrollment of pre-calculus or above before enrolling into the class.
  • ENGR 102 HS will not be counted as a required math course under ABOR requirements for University admission. 

What are the Responsibilities of the University of Arizona?

  • The College of Engineering will supply the participating high schools with a basic curriculum as well as assist teachers with project development.
  • Develop, coordinate and conduct the summer workshops for teacher training.
  • Provide teachers with a stipend, room and board for the summer training workshop.
  • Facilitate enrollment of participating students into the University of Arizona as a non-degree student.
  • Some course materials are available for check out and College of Engineering funds are available for purchase of additional course materials and supplies. 
  • Coordinate directly with participating high schools with regards to University of Arizona & College of Engineering admission and specialized campus visits.

Who Can I Talk to if I Have Questions?

If you have questions, please contact J. Jill Rogers in the College of Engineering Academic Affairs Office at 217-512-0202 or by email at